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To request a free download of an evaluation copy of WORLD RELIGIONS READER eBook, click here.

Then simply give us your name and the name of your institution in the email window that appears.

using the reader as A textbook

To order the eBook for use in your classes:

Simply direct your students to our website by copying the following link in an email to your class or putting the link in your course syllabus or on the class website. Students pay $12.00 for a download  link and password, from which they will be able to download the eBook to their computer.


Instructors who assign the WORLD RELIGIONS READER as a textbook in one of their courses should register with us.

Although registration is not required, we encourage instructors to register with us. A number of valuable teaching resources are provided free to instructors who use the READER as a text in one of their courses. By registering with us, instructors receive access to over 900 PowerPoint® and Keynote® slides and a test-bank of about 900 multiple-choice questions for use in exams. Several other resources are almost ready, including a selection of new maps that focus on religious sites and territories.

To register your adoption of the WORLD RELIGIONS READER as a textbook in your course, click here.

Then simply give us the following information in the email window that appears:

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Lower cost:

The eBook format allows us to keep the cost as low as possible, by avoiding bookstore mark-up, shipping and storage costs, as well as the cost of printing the paper version.

Revisions and corrections:

Any typos, errors or necessary revisions can be done quickly without any increase in the cost of the e-Book. This helps us keep the e-Book as clean and useful as possible, without.

No shortage of stock:

With the e-Book format, every student is guaranteed access to their own copy of the text. There is never any danger of a short order from a bookstore, of delays in transit, or of an out-of-stock situation at the publishers.

No deadline for submission of book order:

Bookstores usually require several months’ notice so they can place orders and assure stock on hand at the beginning of the semester. E-Books, however, can be assigned even at the last minute simply by providing students with a link to our website.

otheR matters

How does Robin Book Press contact students?

Instructors must direct their students to our website using the link above (see “Using the Reader as a Textbook”). When students go to that site and order the eBook, we will then contact them by email to provide them with their download link and password.

Does Robin Book Press contact students for any other purpose?

We do not use student email for further marketing, nor do we sell email lists or in any other way make use of student e-mail addresses.

Are revisions of the Reader planned?

Each year, we issue an update, which includes corrections of typos, etc., discovered in the previous year. We welcome suggestions from our users to make the Reader as effective a teaching aid as possible, and we will consider these suggestions for a more substantial revision in the future.

Are there print copies of the WORLD RELIGIONS READER?

Currently, only an eBook is available. If there is demand for a print version, we will consider such for the future. If a student desires a print version, they are permitted to print the eBook for their use. If you, as an instructor, would rather have a print version, let us know so that we can factor in such interest for our future plans. Our primary interest, however, is in producing low-cost, content-rich e-Book for use as classroom texts.

What is the cost?

The cost is only $12.00 Canadian. For our USA users, that generally means less than $12.00, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

How long does the student have access to their e-Book?

Purchase of the e-Book gives students permanent access to the e-Book that they have downloaded. There is no date restriction.

How long does the student have access to the link to download the e-Book?

The link will remain active for one month from date of purchase. The student is encouraged to download the eBook upon purchase. Once downloaded, the student has permanent access to the downloaded file. The file itself has no expiry time on it.

What about other matters?

Click here to email us.